Menehune are described as superb craftsman, were also know for their strength and sense of humour in Hawaiian folklore. There is evidence that these mythological dwarf like people actually existed. They were know to build temples, fishponds, houses, roads and canoes all in one night.

Their great strength and sense of humour was one reason that I named my new hauler after these fun mythical folks.
The Menehune Hauler is a small line hauler, no need to carry around baskets of wet and stinky baskets rope taking up space in your boat anymore.

The main spool can hold up to 600 (+-) feet of 900lb test burst Kevlar line. Small line haulers have been around for a few years now but not on a scale this large and with a motor of 350lbs of pulling power.

The 900lb test line stays on the spool until its time to put out your Prawn or Shrimp pots. Just clip on a pot on the line, put the hauler in neutral, then drive away until the line winds off the Main Spool, Clip on the Buoy and you are finished. Put on a New Full Spool of Line for your next set and you are ready to go. No big baskets of rope to trip over in the boat, just 14” diameter spools of line for however sets you would like. You can buy as many spools as you want. Crab pot spools have about 150 (+-) or however much you would like and 12” spool for extra torque for those heavier crab pots.