Another Prawn Star Hauler in action!
Here’s a picture of our Hula Hauler pulling up lobster pots in the Gulf of Mexico!
Here’s a Mano Hauler with a prawn catch from AJ Luch at Andrew’s West Coast Adventures. He’s based in Nanaimo and is a big help in field testing our new products!

Here is a boatload of red snapper, caught in the Gulf of California, Mexico, sent to us by a happy customer using their Mano Hauler for long-line fishing.

Another boatload of lobster for Richard, fishing off the coast of Santa Monica, California. He uses a Mano to haul up his traps.

One of our haulers getting some use in the wild!

“I bought one of their haulers 7 years ago, it has worked flawlessly until I dropped it off the back of the boat by accident and broke the switch. I dropped off the hauler at the shop to get it fixed, not only did they replace the switch: they stripped the hauler down to its frame gave it a new fresh power coat and it an overall tune up. All for free.”

  • Dave from Campbell River, BC

“Thanks again, I’ve been really happy with the hauler, the service provided and great support. I’m trying the hauler this weekend again with my neighbor, who I’m sure will be buying one after using mine.”

  • Dale in Alaska

“The Big Kahuna haulers are really well made, and even though they don’t offer returns, you won’t need to cause the hauler will just work, or they will make it right. Thanks a lot.”

  • Roy in Powell River, BC

“Thanks for the hauler, it works great, sure nice not having to pull the rope in by hand anymore. As you know that my brother-in-law bought on too after going out crabbing with me.”

  • Keith from Western Washington

Keith a bunch of questions and gave him a few tests to do. We told him to call back. In 10 minutes he calls back, “I figured out like you said it was a dead battery.”

  • Keith from Greenspot, Newfoundland

“The hauler works and looks great, so glad I went with yours and not the Scotty puller. They even powder coated it just as I asked, thanks for the hassle for a purple hauler, I really like it.”

  • Marshall in Alaska

“Hey, the best money I’ve ever spent. The crab pot puller even pulls up my heaviest pot, full of crab too.”

  • Armando from Nanaimo, BC

“Hi Prawn Star, just wanted to thank you for doing a rush order on our puller so we could take it on holidays. Thank you for the Big Kahuna puller, we went on our fishing trip and it worked awesome, it was very smooth and saved a lot of shoulder and arm pain. You did a great job and got it to us quick.

  • Tina on the Sunshine Coast, BC

“Thanks Prawn Star for building us the “Hula Hauler”, the hand’s free worked super and with that 3000lb motor it never slows down even when pulling in our prawn traps. Good job, thanks again!”

Rick bought a hauler from us last summer and he bragged to his fishing buddies about how his Big Kahuna beat a friend’s Ace Hauler in a “pull off”.

  • Rick from Nanaimo, BC

“I was one of their first customers, after using the hauler for 8 years and lots of abuse I wanted to upgrade to the larger motor. Not only did Prawn Star swap out the motor, they did it for nothing.”

  • Dave in Gold River, BC

“I bought a hauler off Prawn Star Haulers. When I saw another guy with one of his haulers at our marina I had to have the same as him, a hand’s free option. I contacted them, he upgraded my hauler to a hand’s free option and didn’t even charge me. What great customer service, I guess that’s why they are so busy.”

  • Dan from Nanaimo, BC

“To inform you that I finally got to use the hauler, it works fine. It came up from 400 feet in no time and without a pause even hauling in two big shrimp pots, that were loaded. I heard that you don’t make the foot switch anymore but it sure makes it an easy one-man operation, you should think about making them again. Great value for the money compared to the other name brands.”

  • John in Port Alice, BC

“It was a pleasure speaking to them last week. Please find enclosed a cheque for $20.00 to update grade my hauler to a “Mano” hauler, I know it costs more than $20.00 to do this. Thanks Again for your help, have a great day!”

  • Dwayne in Edmonton, AB

“I have gone through eight Ace haulers over the past few years, then I found out about yours from a fellow halibut long liner. Wow, does it work, we had over 1200lbs of fish on a single set. Sure, wish I found out about your haulers sooner. Going to order another one maybe one next fishing season.”

  • William in Port Hardy, BC

“I talked my boss on the halibut long line fishing boat to buy one of your haulers, now we have bought two, they work great!”

  • Bill working out of Port Hardy, BC

“I’m a commercial prawn fisherman as you know and are my deck hands are really happy with your trap hauler. We use your hauler to lift up test pots so we don’t have to use our main gear. It’s sure nice not having to listen the deck hands whining about pulling by hand”

  • Stan in Ladysmith, BC

“Thanks for helping us out, even though it was no fault of yours you were awesome to deal with when I broke off the wires to the motor. It was nice of you to replace the motor.”

  • Sam Jr in Tofino, BC

“Prawn Star, I should have listened to you when you told me not to buy one of your competitor’s haulers, you said it wasn’t a hauler but a “hauler assist”. Well I did buy one and returned it back to the store as it didn’t work as advertised. So happy I bought one of your Koa haulers, no more hauler assists for me.”

  • Tom in Prince Rupert, BC

“Thanks for the great service, you said” yes I ship to Alaska, no problem”, it was no problem. It only took a week to get here and it only cost $55.00 to do so.”

  • Curtis in Anchorage, Alaska

“The new switch works great, thank you for not charging me and shipping it to California for free. The Hula hauler has been pulling in the lobster pots like nothing, sure saves the back.”

  • Tim in Santa Ana, California

“Well the Lobster pot puller works great, full pots too. Thank you for making the special mount for our fishing rod holder socket, nice not having to install another hauler mount on the boat and not having to drill more holes.”

  • James in Santa Monica, California