THE HULA: a hands-free trap retrieval system for prawn, shrimp, crab or lobster traps.

“Just Sit Back & Watch the Rope Go in The Basket”.

It has to be one of the meanest hands-free pullers on the market. Low cost and high return. Buy directly from the builder. The Hula can easily pull two prawn rec. traps or a commercial crab trap, but can pull four as well.

The winch motor is a 3000 lb is good for a 750 lb. single line pull. Gear reduction drive at 153:1 gear ratio makes for a good combo. We don’t like to name names, but it doesn’t use a down-rigger with a capstan mounted on it, or a fancy horizontal motor that uses a unreliable nylon gear drive that needs to be replaced every 2 years. A guy named Dave in Gold River B.C. has an original Big Kahuna used a 2000-lb winch hauler that was built 8 years ago is still being used to this day, by a

It mounts onto the universal single pin Scotty #1023 down-rigger deck mount. A Cannon to Scotty adapter is available too, as well as “rocket launcher” deck mount rod holders. At just 26” tall it’s a compact unit with the main boom able to swing backwards for easy storage and traveling.

It comes standard with a H.D. marine type night switch a resettable 50 amp circuit breaker, all inside a waterproof electrical box and using 10 electrical wire. Although the Hula doesn’t come with a plug in it  can also be ordered with a Scotty #2127 2-pin electrical plug.  It comes stock in a powder coated high-gloss white but for a minimal charge an be ordered in many  different colors, match the stripe on your boat.

We use a huge 14” main pulley wheel that runs on a non-wearing H.D. UHMW plastic main pillow block, the other guys use only a 10” pulley. The 14” pulley enables the pots to come in at a quick 128 FPM without slowing down. I’m always asked how fast the Hula hands-free hauler rope comes in, well it’s as fast as you can put the rope in the basket. Both the idler and boom snatch block have ball bearings installed to help with durability and less friction. When the Hula Hands-Free Hauler the the rope just needs guidance into the box, just watch the rope coil up and go in the basket. The Hula hands-free Idler Wheel really bites hard onto the rope like a shark’s jaws, as it clamps down onto the rope.


How to Buy

We have added a new switch to all our pullers! No more lost keys. Fully waterproof switch. Rated at 100amps, no chance of shorted out switches like our competitors.