DON’T use yellow poly rope, because it just slips in the main pulley. 5/16” weighted trap rope works the best.

DO remove any extra weight from traps, such as zinc bars. Prawn traps add 2 lbs. per trap; this is enough.

DO Pull as much slack rope by hand until you feel the traps lift off the bottom. You can put the rope in the snatch block— it’s easier.

DO Make sure you are not caught on bottom before you start hauling. Human error is the #1 cause for motor failure. Trying to pull up traps while being caught up may damage your hauler.

DO replace the rubber band (made from strips cut from a truck inner tube) in the gap of the main pulley, if it wears out, or falls off— it’s for grip on the rope. Hockey stick tape also works. The hands-free haulers sometimes need a helping hand to pull more. Run the rope past the adapter idler wheel back up front to the main idler, pull like a mofo.

DON’T Worry about corrosion exposed terminals on the hauler electical boxes. We use Grote Ultra Seal #99170 to protect all exposed electrical components from the elements.

DO Grease the fitting on the main bearing pillow-block every once in a while, the UHMW plastic block is non-wearing, but it feels good to lube something up once in a while.

DO Use the Hand’s Free Adapter Spring, if necessary. There are two rings on the Hand’s Free Adapter Spring, if its needs more pull, lift it onto the small ring on the spring. It’s a tough pull, but you can do it, you’re a big boy (person, we mean).

DO Let your hauler cool off if the circuit breaker pops. If the motor stops a built-in 50-amp circuit breaker might have been set off, you got caught on bottom, I know you did, don’t lie. It will reset when it cools. If it doesn’t, you’re plugging into your Scotty downrigger plug and you haven’t upgraded its tiny 20-amp fuse to a 40-amp fuse. Remember: I said that you wire the hauler direct to the battery with a 2-connector plug with 10-gauge wire, but you didn’t listen to my advice— now you are in a pickle.

DO Be patient! Our haulers aren’t built for speed, they lift traps and do a great job doing it. It’s a sunny day, have a “pop”, sit back, relax, this is fun, right? You don’t have an “Armstrong hauler” anymore.

DON’T Ask for a warranty on a burnt-out motor. My warranty: If the hauler works great tell your friends— if it doesn’t tell me first. As per the website WE DO NOT warranty the motors.

DON’T Ask for a refund for a hauler damaged in shipping. I pack the haulers the best I can. I’m sorry if yours got damaged shipping, I’ll do my best to help solve the problem. I am sorry but I will not give you your money back due to damage. I do not have a money back policy on any product.