Why use a Scotty plug when it’s only rated at 40amp when your hauler is rated at least 50amps. Here is a 2 prong plug that is rated up to 100amp. With any of your Prawn Star Haulers you can directly wire it to your battery and with the built in 50amp self resettable circuit breaker the hauler comes with you got the perfect fail safe. No need for a Archaic and outdated fuse set up anymore. You also have a security system to be able to remove your hauler from the boat with the male/female plugin.

With this new updated 100amp doesn’t have a loose key anymore. A solid attached twist lever that you won’t loose overboard. It’s all sealed up now that won’t allow corrosion inside switch, a problem which was happening in the past. We are never complacent and are always working to make my haulers the best product they can be.

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