This is the updated all-aluminum Roddy #1958 Scotty-style single pin adapter with the Heavy Duty Deck Mount. Don’t rely on two pieces of plastic to keep your big dollar investments mounted securely. The Scotty plastic mount system was originally designed to hold a downrigger and a 20 lb. cannonball, not a trap hauler with lots of weight torquing on the mount. Then you add the fulcrum point of the boom length to that? The Roddy #1958 comes two ways: as a standalone single-pin hauler/downrigger mount (the Roddy #1958) and as a combo with our Heavy Duty Deck Plate (the Roddy #1958).

The standalone Roddy #1958 is $45 and the Heavy Duty Deck Plate is $20. The Roddy #1958P combination is $65.

Roddy #1958 currently unavailable due to supply shortages.

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