Voltage: 12V

Trap hauling capacity: tested up to 325 pounds (147 kilograms).

Power consumption, no load: 12 amp

Power consumption, max load: 40-45 amp

Switch on all haulers: On/Off Rotary waterproof switch

Self hand hands free coiler haulers:

Hauling speed feet/minute (under normal load):

            He’e 128fpm

       Mano: 128fpm

            Hula: 128fpm

All designs use ATV winches designed for single line 3000 pound pull.

Our motors very seldom fail due to anything other than human error, they are not covered by the Prawn Star Haulers warranty.

We recommend that you use a marine style 12V battery with a minimum of 60-80 AH.

All haulers come with 50-amp resettable circuit breaker; no fuse required. We recommend direct connection to battery with at least 10-gauge wire and a Pico #1878BP connector, which we have available.

Main rope sheave size on all haulers is 14″.

Sheave width on standard haulers is 5/16”

Sheave width on double-wrap pulleys is 3/4″

Sheave width on Menehune Small-Line Hauler is 2″

Hauler Dimensions:

Height: 26″

Width: 12″

Boom length: 30” (all three designs)

Boom can be lengthened up to 34”

Hauler base mounts on to Scotty Deck Mount #1023 downrigger adapter.

Fully dismountable from boat: yes.

Foldable arm/boom: yes.

Electrical switch: yes (based on a marine night switch).

Self-haul: yes (Hula and Mano models only).

Fully moveable snatch block on boom: yes.

Replacement parts available: yes.

All haulers have a built-in bi-metal circuit breaker so there is no need to install an external fuse. There bi-metal fuse is integrated into the electrical box and protects the heavy-duty motor from both shorter current peaks and longer mid-to-high currents. It also reacts to increased temperature due to longer hauls at close to maximum working loads. The breaker automatically resets once it cools down.


Manufacturer is not responsible for any injuries caused by improper use of the product. All of our products are meant for recreational use only.